New fan!!!

Hey Tisha, just wanted to say that I just “discovered” you on the net and I’m your new biggest fan, in more ways than one lol!  You’re absolutely gorgeous, and seem so cool and laid back.  We share a lot of the same interests too from what I can see.  Keep doing your thing girl! ;)

My Heart HURTS FOR MY Brother and One of my Best friends…Phillip Micheal Jackson…RIP

My DEAR Friend and Brother.

Although You Were not my genetic Brother.I always Looked Out for you Like u were.My Friend Till the End.Thank you for Your Kindness.Thank you for Watching My baby boi Big.You Watched Big for me when NO one else Would.
I Love and Miss you More than you will ever know.
I think of you everyday.

My friend you are so Missed by me and Big.


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